Firstly you can always check out my LinkedIn but let me give you some more in depth of who I am, and why asynchronous working is such a huge passion for me.

Who Am I?

To build trust it's important to know what someone is like on a personal level first, so firstly I am probably what you would call a classic nerd. I enjoy anime, video games, tech and comic if you have interests in any of these we could end up talking for hours. I also spend quite a bit of time at the gym, and approach it in the nerdiest way possible (seriously I have a spreadsheet).

Why Asynchronous Working?

I honestly enjoy what I do (most of the time) and more importantly how I do it. It's the "how" I think is the most fascinating to experiment with because it's very easy to get stuck in a cycle of "well we've always done it this way". This is where my passion for asynchronous working comes in. It's a brand new "how" that can change the way we work on a massive scale, and I find that extremely exciting.

I truly believe in a world where we can deliver what is expected and still garner the flexibility of working from anywhere, and I mean anywhere. If your entire workforce is in the office, or distributed, or some form of hybrid, asynchronous working is for you.

What keeps me driving forwards with asynchronous working is the feedback I get from people, and the literal difference it makes to their lives. I have seen people go from unhappy to extremely passionate in an incredible short amount in part thanks to asynchronous working...I mean think about that, if the changing the "how" we work can have that much of an impact on people then why wouldn't I be passionate.

What to Know More?

Book some time in with me, follow my RSS feed, email me. I am not joking I am really passionate about this subject and am always happy to help others as well as learn more to help drive asynchronous working forward for everyone.

Thanks for taking the time to read this section.