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This site is built to share and collaborate on the world of asynchronous working. My goal is to help build a world where asynchronous working becomes the default thought and choice for everyone that can apply. This site will give you the tools and guidance to experiment with this style of working. So let's do this!

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Rubber ducking with AI

15 Jun 2024

How you can use AI to help unblock your brain and get you back to solving the problem.

Asyncrifying Stand Up

9 Jun 2024

Stand up is an important ceremony no matter what team you are in, but what if there was a way to get the benefits of asynchronous with it.

Phone Focus Mode (Android)

16 May 2024

When you need to focus but your phone is causing a constant distraction, use the focus mode to improve your productivity.

Creating a Fake Commute

12 Feb 2024

Even though having no commute is an advantage we are missing some of the benefits it gave us, so let's talk about creating a fake commute.

What Even is Asynchronous Working?

7 Feb 2024

Someone has mentioned this new concept to you but you don't know where to start, let's go through this together at a high level so you can start applying and practising these concepts.

LeadDev Contributions

1 Feb 2024

Collection of ThinkAsync contributions to the LeadDev community.